My Mission

My goal as an FDN Practitioner is to give you the tools necessary to learn how to become healthy for a lifetime. This means empowering you to take responsibility for your own health. Throughout our relationship together, my role will be that of educator and coach as we investigate hidden sources of chronic stress with functional lab work. If you’re committed to removing sources of chronic stress and restoring your body to normal function, please read on!

How FDN Coaching Works

  Order Labs & Complete Intake Forms

The first step will be to order any lab kits that might be relevant to your case. As you wait for those kits to arrive, several intake forms will be e-mailed to be filled out at your earliest convenience. You will also be asked to fill out a 3-day food and symptom journal. Once complete, we can schedule our initial consult!

  Initial Consultation

For our first initial consultation, we will discuss the nature of the coaching relationship, health history and goals, as well as review your intake forms and food journal. This all helps form an individualized plan for your unique needs. Around this time, you should have most of your labs completed as we await for results. Expect up to 4 weeks for all labs results to arrive.

  Results & Recommendations

Once results have arrived, we will schedule a 90-120 minute Results & Recommendation session. Results will be e-mailed to you within 24 hours of this session. Your R&R session will include detailed lab analysis and symptom correlation, followed by a comprehensive 90-day diet and lifestyle protocol. Supplements and nutraceuticals will be offered to you via Fullscript at discounted rates.


Several 45-60 min follow-up sessions will be booked bi-weekly for the next 3-6 months depending on your package. These sessions are intended to help track progress, troubleshoot, and provide you with any guidance that might be needed to help you through your journey.

  Final Session

During our final session, we will reassess symptoms, and evaluate room for further improvement. Emphasis will be placed on continuing your new healthy habits far beyond our time together. Remember, the road to health is a lifelong journey, and doesn’t end with our coaching relationship!

It is often the case that follow-up testing is recommended in order to track progress, or in light of additional clues that come up along the way. Additional lab reviews are offered to existing clients for $75/lab. Client pays lab fee directly to the lab.

See FAQs for more detailed information.


I have advanced training in state of the art functional lab testing and nutritional interpretation. These include, but are certainly not limited to:

Thyroid Testing – TSH, Free T3, Free T4, TPO, TgAB, Reverse T3
DUTCH – Dried Urine Test Comprehensive Hormones
GI-MAP – Stool Pathogens Testing
OAT – Organic Acids Testing
SIBO – Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth
MRT – Mediator Release Test for Over 150 Food Sensitivities
Nagalese – Biomarker for General Viral Load

*Remember lab fees are separate from practitioner fees, and are paid directly to the lab! I do not handle insurance, but you are welcome to submit your bills for re-imbursement. For more on this, see FAQs.


A year ago I was a health wreck. Each day after work I would come home and hold out until 7 pm and then go to bed because I was physically exhausted from the day. In addition to being constantly tired, my symptoms included chronic pain throughout my body and constant headaches. Because the pain overwhelmed my thoughts, I was in a constant state of moodiness. Initially I had resigned myself to a future filled with lethargy, pain, and crabbiness,until the tachycardia I developed got progressively worse. I began to fear that my health was mimicking my late father’s heart disease, so I decided to look for health coaching. I found Ryan and due to his patience and expertise, I knew he could assist me in getting on the right path to recovery.

Ryan put me on a protocol that changed my life (and I am not exaggerating). We discovered a host of “hidden stressors” that had nearly taken over my body. Ryan made everything easy to understand and would welcome all of the questions I had. His patience and extreme curiosity, which drives his research into your health concerns, is comforting. Since being put on his protocol, the chronic pain has went away and I have incredible energy. I can go for long hikes and stay up past 11 pm, which I had never been able to do anymore. I also am kinder and calmer. I am free of the anxiety that consumed my mind not too long ago. I feel like life has opened a previously locked door for me and Ryan was the key holder.

I often look back on my life before discovering Ryan and wonder what my future would have looked like. I can only imagine that my days would be spend just “suffering through”. Now I enjoy waking up and taking advantage of all that it has to offer. I hope that others can discover how much healing can do for their lives. Ryan is truly a gifted and talented FDN and I couldn’t recommend him enough. In short, he is a miracle worker.


Without having a clue of how much my life would change, I met with Ryan one afternoon for tea to talk about my autoimmune disease riddled mother – an act of desperation to find someone or something to get through to her about the real possibilities of finding some quality of life amidst decades of disease. After two sentences from Ryan, all the dots connected.

I could come up with a very long list of all the things Ryan did for me and my family that day and for weeks to follow, but mostly, he just turned the lights on. He planted a seed that I then watered and fed, finally in a way that made sense, and it opened my eyes to the dull discomfort even I was feeling but never recognized…

We discovered issues in my own health and got to work. He encouraged me to ask questions and pointed me down a path I didn’t even know to hope for. I am now off of medication, filled with energy I’d only dreamed of, I can eat without fear, and I can take better care of my two little boys. My mother is finally a believer and on her own path of healing. Ryan will always be a very important person in my story. We are so grateful.


I decided to work with Ryan Monahan after I had spent six days in the hospital for a small bowel obstruction. I have Crohn’s Disease. It was so bad that I actually thought I might be dying. Scared me half to death.

I realized that if I didn’t do something I would be one of the 75% of Crohn’s sufferers who require surgery. From there it can go downhill quickly. I was terrified.

I decided to go to The Mindful Nutrivore for answers. I was immediately impressed by Ryan’s extensive knowledge – and specifically what it means to heal the gut. What he said made so much sense, I decided to give it a go.

Ryan immediately put me on a program of lifestyle changes, probiotics, herbs, vitamins, and minerals to restore my gut health. His knowledge of anatomy, physiology, organic chemistry, naturopathy and gastroenterology is quite simply phenomenal. Before finding Ryan, I had been to five different gastroenterologists, one who was known nationwide. Doctors just wanted to load me up with steroids; yet, I was only getting worse.

After only a few months of working with Ryan, I had no more symptoms of GERD. Through functional lab-work, I discovered that I was gluten intolerant, and that I had “hidden” stress in the form of non-beneficial bacteria, yeast and SIBO in the gut – and didn’t even know it!

For the first time in nine years I finally have some real energy again! Brain fog is gone too!  Best of all, I’ve been free of flare-ups for over four months as of this writing. That didn’t happen in nine years of “treatment” with traditional medicine.

In short, Ryan has more than likely saved my health. I feel confident now that I can live a more productive, healthier life, free of pain, and flare ups!  His knowledge of functional nutrition is quite simply amazing, and he is excellent at teaching you the physiology, how it works and why. I feel so much better – I’ve lost 23 lbs, I have no more GERD, and my gut is finally beginning to heal. It’s been a true blessing to have found this talented man who completely understands this ingenious method of restoring function to the body. Without hesitation, I would recommend The Mindful Nutrivore to anyone and everyone! Take that step towards health, it works!


FDN Health Coaching Packages

Can You Work With Me Across State Lines?
Yes. In fact, many of my clients are across state lines! The growing field of “telemedicine” allows clients the flexibility to schedule consultations online, and to communicate from any location in the U.S. This makes working with an FDN-P the most convenient method of health coaching available.

Labs kits can be shipped to your address, and conducted in the privacy of your own home. Kits come included with pre-paid mailers which can be dropped off at your local UPS or FedEx location. Turn around times for lab work varies from 1-5 weeks depending on the lab.

After all lab results have been reviewed during your Results & Recommendations Session, discounted supplements can be ordered through The Mindful Nutrivore and shipped to you at regular intervals.

What Is Your Refund Policy?
No refunds. In order to ensure you and I are both equally committed to a health coaching package, I believe it is best policy to offer no exit strategy. This approach ensures that we both bring our best to the coaching relationship.

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